Truck-Net Premium

Designed for organisations with multiple vehicles and at least one office-based controller. Truck-Net Premium has all the functionality of Truck-Net Standard, plus a range of dedicated benefits to assist larger operations work smarter.

Truck-Net Premium includes:

  • Professional quotations, turned into real jobs at the click of a button

  • Economies of scale – route planning and grouping of multiple jobs on a single vehicle

  • Vehicle fleet management and prompts for MOT Dates, insurance, service miles, vehicle checks and rectification

  • Integrated Human Resource System – greater control over staff activity and records

  • Multi-Currency Billing

  • Supplier invoice matching for greater control over your costs

  • lf-billing to make life easier for you and your sub-contractors



Giving out a quotation couldn’t be simpler. Just enter the collection and delivery address and vehicle type to get your price. A unique number is then automatically issued to the customer and you can email or send a hard copy. If your customer wants to proceed it couldn’t be easier – turn the quote into a live job with a click of a mouse

Preview Example Quotation

Route planning and groupage

This functionality we call ‘Trips’. It lets you group individual addresses together and place them in order with the click of a button. All delivery and collection points are then displayed on a map which enables you to cost against each trip and provide your drivers with a handy ‘trip list’.

Truck-Net route planning and groupage functionality allows you to:

  • Group jobs into a single trip
  • Organise addresses into the most efficient collection/delivery order
  • At a glance see all collection and delivery points clearly on a map
  • Accurately record trip costs for profit analysis
  • Look up previous trips quickly and easily
Preview Trip Example

Live console (controller screen)

The Truck-Net interactive live console allows multiple users to monitor live jobs. If the timings of a planned job changes (job becomes early/late for collection or delivery), you will be aware of it and can manage your customer’s expectations.

The Truck-Net live console also allows you to record GOB (Goods on Board) and POD (Proof of Delivery) information, so it can be emailed directly to your customer.

Our live console allows you to:

  • Categorise jobs by trips
  • Record PODs (Proof of Deliveries) information for all delivery addresses
  • Record GOB (Goods On Board) times and delivery times for all jobs
  • Email your customer GOBs and PODs
  • Automatically calculate arrival times (ETAs)
  • Filter details by active, non-active or delayed jobs
  • Record comments against each job for all users to see
  • Create individual lists for late collections and late deliveries
Preview live console example

Fleet management, vehicle checks, defects and rectifications

The major investment for any transport business is vehicles. Your business relies on this key resource and it is vital that your fleet is kept safely and legally on the road.

Truck-Net enables you to keep a database of all your vehicles and can be configured to remind you of important deadlines for road tax, MOTs, services and insurance expiry dates. As part of your daily checks, defects and rectifications can also be recorded.

Vehicles and Trailers Example

Supplier invoice matching and self-billing

Monitoring costs is a hard but vital part of running your business. Truck-Net shows profit margins when booking jobs and gives you the tools to match supplier invoices to help you get more out of your business.

There can be added value for your suppliers too – you can raise invoices on their behalf with the self-billing feature.

Self Bill Example
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