Truck-Net Standard

For owner-drivers who want more control of their work. With automated booking and invoicing, integrated mapping and a customer database, you can reduce the time spent on admin and concentrate on your core work. Working smarter will eliminate needless paperwork and make your business more productive. If in the future you feel Truck-Net Premium is more appropriate, our specialist team will upgrade you with no disruption to your business.

Truck-Net Standard includes:

  • Automated job booking

  • POD recording

  • Automated invoicing

  • Supply management

  • Company logo import

  • Email integration

  • Integrated mapping

  • QuickBooks/Sage integration

  • Customer database

  • Multi-vehicle and service offering

  • Management reports

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Job Booking

Every job starts here. Our simple-to-use job booking system captures all the details required to log, track and invoice efficiently – no matter how complicated the job might be.

Truck-Net job booking system allows you to:

  • Automatically calculate timings, routes and directions
  • Automatically price up jobs
  • Enter multiple ‘delivery’ and ‘collection’ addresses
  • Duplicate jobs with a single mouse click
  • Integrate fully with maps – showing you the route and all your locations
  • Record multiple costs against each job
  • Allocate multiple drivers to a single job
  • Rapidly search previous jobs
  • Apply discounts or additional charges to individual customers
  • Store customer addresses
Main Screen Preview
Detail Screen Preview


Truck-Net allows you to automatically invoice every job on the system, reducing your invoice production time to seconds. But if need more individual control on occasions, you’ve got the flexibility for personal intervention.

Truck-Net invoicing function allows you to:

  • Produce single invoices that relate to one job only
  • Produce combined invoices that detail multiple jobs
  • Change any job price information before the invoices are generated
  • Export your sales invoices to an accounts package such as Sage
  • Automatically batch an invoice run together
  • Re-produce any single/combined invoices or re-produce a whole invoice batch
  • Group invoices by purchase order number
Invoice Screen Preview

Integrated Mapping

Truck-Net is fully integrated with Microsoft Bing Maps to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Truck-Net integrated mapping functionality allows you to:

  • Access worldwide mapping
  • Seamlessly integrate with trips and jobs
  • Instantly calculate times and distances
  • Optimise your routes
  • Set up vehicles to have their own road preferences
Map Screen Preview
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